Wife Has Husband Arrested For Talking To Pretty Teen; 4 Days Later, Wife Gets Biggest Shock Of Life

Angela Voelkert was an ill-tempered wife in a nasty divorce. She created a Facebook page featuring a fake 17-year-old Lolita, ‘Jessica Studebaker’, to manipulate her husband and set him up sexually to obtain the upper hand in divorce proceedings. Fortunately (or not), she learned more than she ever imagined…

Angela Voelkert is a woman who was involved in a nasty custody dispute with her husband.

In order to gain custody of her children, she decided to try to trick her ex-husband.

She created a fake Facebook account with the name Jessica Studebaker and added her husband as a friend.

Shortly after he accepted, the fake teenager began exchanging messages with the husband, David.

Eventually, the conversation turned to David’s custody battle with his wife.

He asked Jessica if he knew anyone at her school who would “take care” of his wife for $10,000.

Anglea was ecstatic!

She now had proof that her husband was planning on having her murdered. She immediately contacted the police and had him arrested.

But David had a surprise for his ex-wife.

Six days before he began exchanging messages with the teen, he signed a sworn affidavit that said he suspected the account was fake. He had no intention of harming his wife and just wanted evidence of her tampering with his life.

Based on this evidence, the charges against David were dropped.

This profile also came up in the custody battle and was used against Angela. The judge did not look favorably upon her deception.

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