See What Happens When She Finally Pops This 20-Year-Old Pimple

Aunt Grace had been dealing with the zit on her back for 20 years. After all, it’s not like she could see it. But when her family saw the large lump back there, they had to step in. The group, with Aunt Grace’s niece in the lead spot, braced themselves and got to the task of extracting what was inside. Despite this video being totally gross, it’s also incredibly satisfying once they clear it out.

#1 20 Years

What does a 20-year-old zit look like? In the case of Aunt Grace’s spot on her back, it looks like a large hole with dark matter inside. Her family is here to finally take care of it.

#2 Eye of the Needle

They aren’t in a doctor’s office or anything, so no official tools are being used. Instead, they’re getting rid of Grace’s spot with the eye of a needle and a pair of tweezers.

#3 Fibers

As they start to remove what’s inside Grace’s back, her family comments on the way it looks. To them, it seems to be made out of fibers. The contents appear to be a 20-year-old ingrown hair.

#4 Tweezers

Periodically, when the dark mass is poking out from Grace’s skin, someone comes in with the tweezers. This doesn’t work, though, since the contents of Grace’s zit are too soft and fall apart when pulled.

#5 Thick Lump

Aunt Grace’s zit is really the tip of the proverbial iceberg. When her niece squeezes around the opening, you can see just how much larger it is under the surface.

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