Pregnant Teen Shamed By Classmates Unzips Her Hoodie To Reveal A Very Dark Secret

If you have a teenage daughter, you’ll know all about the worries we have as moms for their safety. As they grow up, they get boyfriends, experiment with alcohol, clothes, music and of course…sex.

When a girl reaches her late teens, it is vital that you have that mother-daughter chat about the birds and the bees, otherwise your daughter could end up falling pregnant.

Whilst teenage pregnancies are more common in recent years, they are still not ideal for most parents as it could stop their daughter attending college or getting that job or scholarship they dreamt of.

#1 Gaby Rodriguez is an average 17-year-old girl from Washington.

She had the life of a typical teenage girl. Her family was loving and cared for her deeply, she was very intelligent and was a straight-A high school student at Toppenish High School.

#2 Her family was shocked when she revealed the news that she was pregnant.

But what they didn’t know was that Gabby was keeping another very dark secret from them.

#3 Although they were upset initially, her and her boyfriends family were willing to support her through whatever she decided.

But when they find out about her dark secret? Will they still be as supportive?

#4 She learned a lot about judgement during her senior year.

She announced to the world that she was pregnant and got a shocking response. People were cruel to her, especially her peers are school.

#5 People said things like, “Doesn’t she know she just ruined her life?”

“A lot of rumors were just that I was irresponsible. No college… ‘It was bound to happen.’ ‘I knew she would get pregnant.’ ‘Doesn’t she know she just ruined her life?’” she said. “Many things were said about me. Many things traveled all the way back to me.”


#6 Her mother stood by her through the entire stressful year.

The cruel teens still didn’t know Gaby’s dark secret. The truth is, only her parents and her principal knew the secret she was keeping from everyone around her.

#7 Then, as her senior year wound down, Rodriguez gave a presentation on judging teen moms.

After 6 long months of staying in the dark, she would finally come clean and tell the horrifying truth.

#8 At her presentation’s climax, she unzipped her hoodie to reveal something shocking.

The secret? Gaby wasn’t pregnant. For six months she wore a fake belly that grew in size.

#9 But why? Why on earth would she do this? Well, here’s what she had to say.

It turns out, this was an experiment like no other. Gaby wanted to know how her life would change if she were a teen mother. Her experience proved a lot of points that are actually quite sad. Teen moms have to deal with bullying, shame, and stigma. A lot of people who once loved and supported Gaby were quick to turn their backs on her when they discovered she was pregnant, and it left her feeling pretty devastated.

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