Man Gets Revenge On Craigslist Scammer In the Most Satisfying Way Imaginable

#1 Anyone who’s used Craigslist knows that it can be a really useful tool for buying and selling stuff locally, but…

You have to get past all the unpleasant weirdos and scammers to enjoy it.
If you’ve sold anything on Craigslist, there’s a good chance you’ve been in the same situation the guy below is — approached by some strange guy, asking if they can PayPal you the money, then have an agent pick up the item at a later date. It’s clear as day they’re not legit to most people, but some newbies out there might fall prey.
Which is why this guy giving the scammer a taste of his own medicine is so satisfying.

#2 The complete title of the post copied verbatim is always a red flag that this is a bot.

#3 “work frame”


#4 This is starting to sound a little fishy…


#5 “I can only text” should be a dealbreaker.


#6 Here’s the point where the seller would walk away, but decides to put the scammer through the wringer.


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