How To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently In All-Natural Way!

Does anybody have mice in  house? Well, that mice can be a lot of trouble. By spreading diseases and germs, leave urine and feces wherever they go. But the worst thing is that they reproduce very fast. The female gives life up to 10 litters In year, and each litter about 10 mice’s.

Mice removing process is a two-step process. At first, seal cracks and holes in the house where mice  enters.  Second phase is to get rid of trapped mice  inside. We are going to show you some effective techniques  for get rid of mice, in all-natural way.

Where does  mice usually hide? Maybe  it doesn’t matter- this remedy can eliminate them all, without any trap or poison. Mice are rodents and  are found in the countryside and the city.  They diseases van be transferred to humans. Rats are covered with gray hair and extremely strong teeth. They  reproduce very easily and female rats can give birth to 22 mice per year.

How to get rid of mice in all-natural way

First  is using a rat bait and other one -using a trap. many different mice traps is an old method without using poison. Many of us don’t  like these 2 methods – traps and poison, many people avoid these 2 methods.

Note:We highly advice not to use the technique number 4, and you can avoid dealing with this burden. Still all animals deserve to live. They just wanted to survive. Try these home methods.

1 Method

Prepare a mixture using equal quantities of dry Plaster of Paris, flour, and one tablespoon salt.  And put  in a disposable plate , keep it near the entrance of your home, also keep bowl of water near this plate. When the mice eat this dry mixture get thirsty and are going to drink the water in the bowl. This will harden a mixture and so killing them.

2 Method

Mice are unable to burp. when the rodents drink the liquid, they will not be able to burp and therefore  mice die. In disposable dish and pour some soft drink into it. Place in any corner where the mice frequently uses. Keep at night and the next morning you will see them lying dead.

3 Method

Mice get attracted by the sweet taste of chocolate powder. Mix some plaster powder and chocolate powder in a bowl . So keep it outside the house. Besides it put  some water for the mice to drink. The mixture will expand inside the body whenever he get water and it will die.

4 Method

Get a cat or a dog to scare the mice- very effective way to get rid of these rodents. The cats are the best hunters of rats.

And finally, if none of the methods mentioned above works for you, then you should call the exterminator. Thanks for reading and we really hope we’ve been helpful.

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