His Wife Was Cheating On Him And What He Did To Take The Revenge Deserves Salute!

Somethings in life just take you by surprise, such as your wife on cheating on you. That means a few things instantly – first is divorce, and secondly that person deserves a good punch from you. But that is so common! Why not give your partner a surprise birthday party? Read on to see what happens next.

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Sounds interesting? One guy did the exact thing, for experimental reasons of course.


1. That feeling of unfaithfulness

“She was giving off several red flags and I had a suspicion that she might be cheating on me. Some signs were that she would really have fun while texting, laughing and smiling. Whenever I asked who she was texting, her reply would be her mother. Besides, she would often stay late at work, but I learnt from her co-workers that she left a few hours ago.”

2. Something seemed off

“One morning, she went out to buy milk at 11:30 PM and returned at 2 AM. At that moment, it was clear that something is not right. Now, here is a piece of advice to others, who are under the suspicion that their partners are cheating – hire a private investigator. “

3. Collect as much evidence as possible

“Several months passed and her birthday was coming up. Now most people are wondering why I waited so long before confronting her. After all, what special would have happened on her birthday? First reason was to collect evidence and give it to my lawyer; I also had to look for a new apartment and make other adjustments. The second reason was to actually do this on her birthday. This year, she asked me to spend her birthday out of town with her friends, since she wanted to forget that she was aging.

4. Surprise party

“I found two glasses and a bottle of champagne hidden in the closet, and it didn’t take me long to realise what she was planning. So I left and went to my friend’s house, and told her I am going out of town. From his house, I called my parents, sister and several friends, and told them I would like to throw a surprise part for my partner. My plan was to enter her room by surprise with kazoos, a cake and party crackers. Exciting, isn’t it?

5. Now time for some action!

“I asked them to meet me at 8:30 AM outside my house. There were 8 people in total and we went to the elevator. Her mom was holding the cake, and I once again warned everyone to stay quite so that we can surprise her. Now, I slowly move forward and unlock the door. We all tiptoe into the main room. Now everyone has a kazoo in their hands and we are smiling.
We open the door and we all scream surprise at once.
But things didn’t turn out quite as others expected.”

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