Here’s How To Cure Your Toothache In Seconds, You Can Thank Us Later

If you’re ever had a toothache, you know exactly how painful the experience is. Instead of setting an appointment with your doctor, here’s a helpful remedy that doesn’t require you…

#1 Teeth Pain

Nobody likes to learn that their dental health may be in need of some treatment. But hey, it happens. And the good thing about it is that it DOESN’T have to be an expensive fix. Learn this easy to make remedy that should have you feeling better in no time.

#2 Clove Powder

This remedy has its roots in Ancient Egypt and it includes clove powder that is native to the region. The powder was used by ancient Egyptians in a variety of potions and natural medicines.

#3 Coconut Oil

In sum, the recipe is quiet easy. All it requires is just a half teaspoon of all the ingredients. The next important one is coconut oil, which is likely to be in a LOT of homemade remedies.

#4 Salt & Black Pepper

By adding half a teaspoon of salt and pepper, you’re close to making the remedy complete. Rather than taking pills and medications, this mixture is not only safe, but recommended before you spend your precious money on a doctor visit.

#5 Add Water

Adding the water makes the mixture more of a solution that is able to be applied to the area where your teeth hurt. Mix it up well and let the mixture sit for a few minutes before applying it.

#6 Apply to the Pain

By taking a toothbrush, dab it in the mix and gently brush the area that’s giving you pain. Apply it softly and continuously rub it on the area to allow the mixture’s properties to seep into your gums. Be patent with your application and bare with the awkward taste in your mouth.

#7 Live Pain FREE

If you still have pain, using this paste up to three times a day can help reduce the pain. Otherwise, once you’ve accomplished your mission, you can go back out in the world flaunting your beautiful smile!

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