Here’s how far your car can actually go when the needle’s on empty

While most of us totally freak out behind the wheel when that warning light comes on indicating we are on “empty”, it turns out all that sudden worry is for nothing.

Many people don’t know that they still have many, many more miles to go before their tank is totally empty. When the light comes on, we tend to believe we are likely a mile or two away from totally running out of gas. Not the case! In some cars, you still have over 50 miles you can travel before running out!

Check out this incredibly informative guide which shows how many more miles you really have once your empty light goes on. The chart profiles the top 50 best selling automobiles sold in the United States in 2015, but many other autos are the same way. So don’t flip out the next time you think you are on empty or that you need to gas up. You likely still have many more miles left before you need to worry about giving your vehicle a drink.

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