Dr. Pimple Popper Collected Her Best Removals Of 2016 Into The Greatest Video Of All Time

Dr Pimple Popper’s Best Punch Removals of 2016. An interesting bump on the forearm. Here are the best removals in 2016


We promise you that this is the only 2016 countdown you’re going to need. Forget the YouTube Rewind with Major Lazer, because this is the ultimate “best of” for the year. I am of course talking about Doctor Pimple Popper’s Top 10 Cysts of 2016 (or should we say, twenty CYST-teen?)


I was hoping something like this would be coming, and was beyond thrilled when I found it. For those who missed the pimple popping trend, you arrived at the perfect time to catch up. This is where dermatologist Sandra Lee looks back at the year and picks out the most important cyst popping videos for all you sick freaks out there.


It’s only been out for a few hours since it’s gone up and the views are already leaping into viral territory, with more than 16,000 watching and hundreds feeling compelled to comment. The choices Dr. PP choice are quite inspired as well. Coming in at number three was Incision and Drainage – Large Inflamed Cyst.


If you never saw that one before then we have two words for you: mashed banana. We also endorse her choice for number two, which was the “Bermuda Triangle”, where Sandra Lee had the task of taking on three epidermoid cysts that together formed the grossest triangular connect the dots the world has ever seen.

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