Astonishing Moment A Husband Beats Up His Wife And Throttles Her During Live Broadcast Of Reality TV Show In Serbia!

24 years Zorica Dukic was beaten by 31 years old husband Nenad Marinkovic-Gastoz on a reality TV show. The 31-year-old man drags his wife Zorica Dukic to the bathroom in a headlock, the scene was dangerous but other constants were enjoying.

#1 Live Abuse

24-year-old Zorica Dukic was abused on live television by her husband Nenad Marinkovic-Gastoz…and all of Serbia witnessed it.

#2 Headlock

On the reality show, Zorica was put into a headlock and escorted away from the other contestants by her pissed off man…

#3 Stop Talking!

He was apparently upset with how talkative she was, screaming ‘I will talk for you! Shut up!’

#4 Ouch!

He grabs her throat and mouth, unaware that there are cameras even in the bathroom!

#5 Awkward

As the rest of the contestants sit and watch…

#6 Just Another Day

No one could take their eyes off the screen, but sadly this seemed normal to them all.

#7 All An Act?

The couple is rumored to have done it all for show, but others believe it was real. It’s sad to see what people will do for fifteen minutes of fame!

#8 Video Of The Assault

Be warned, this is hard to watch and could trigger victims of abuse.


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