Angry Villagers Beat Alien Like Creature But The Truth Is Heartbreaking!

Threatened by the odd appearance of the creature, people and animals of the village attacked this alien like creature.

Villagers beat up the creature

The incident happened in SBU village forest area in Brunei, Malaysia. This creature was seen by villagers walking in the woods and immediately thought it was an alien since they had not seen anything like this before. Freaked villagers chased the creature and thrashed it with sticks.

Poor malnourished Sun bear

But what they thought as an alien or extra-terrestrial creature was a poor Poor malnourished Sun bear.

The incident was informed to the Malaysian authorities who took almost 4 months to find the animal again. It was finally found in a plantation area and was rescued by the animal support team. The animal was defensive but later after providing food and water it was calmed down and was shifted to Sarawak forestry Corporation.

Healthy Sun bear

This is how a healthy sun-bear looks like.

Shrinking population

Sadly, this is far from the only sun bear suffering because of humanity’s destructive tendencies. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the sun bear population has declined by as much as 30 percent in the last three decades, faced with a shrinking habitat as forests are cleared to make room for palm oil plantations.

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