5 Unusual Signs Of Colon Cancer. Many People Accidentally Ignore For Years

There are many types of cancer and colorectal cancers are one of the many types. Although they are not the deadliest ones, colorectal cancers can cause so much problems and issues. Till now from the beginning of 2016, 140,000 people were diagnosed from colon or rectal cancer. If you diagnose the cancer in early stage that will increase the chances of treating it and that is the same for this type of cancer. And for this type of cancer because of its symptoms many people are having difficulties discovering it at early stage. The early symptoms of this type of cancer are usually ignored by many. This article will be about how to reduce the risk of getting this type of cancer and you can read about the symptoms of this disease.

There are four symptoms that can be indicators to colorectal cancer and they are:

1. Unexplained weight loss – This is an indicator for many types of cancer and it is the same for colon cancer. By unexplained weight loss it is meant losing 5% of your body weight within six months. This occurs during cancer because the cancer cells are using lots of the body’s energy and that affects the immune system too. If you experience unexplained weight loss then there is a big chance that a large tumor has blocked the colon so you should visit your doctor immediately.

2. Cramps – symptom of numerous diseases that have no connection with cancer and that is why this is usually ignored. You shouldn’t be afraid if you feel abdominal cramps. You should be afraid if the stomach cramps are not going away and if they lasted for a longer period of time and if they come along with other symptoms of colorectal cancer, and in case you experience that you should go to your doctor immediately.

3. Irregular bowel movements – Another usually ignored indicator. What can be warning you that something strange is going in your body are the timing, consistency and appearance of these movements even including the colorectal cancer. What can have a bad effect on the bowel movements are colon polyps (small amount of cells) and with time they can transform into cancerous and that will also have bad effect on the large intestine’s functions and it will cause changes in the stool.

4. Fatigue – It is never taken as serious indicator, especially in this modern lifestyle we have today. You shouldn’t be ignoring fatigue if it is constant even you have well-balanced diet and you sleep enough because then it indicates that something else is causing it. Also you should never ignore fatigue if it comes along with other symptoms of colon cancer. We already mentioned that cancer cells use the body’s energy and that is the reason why fatigue is caused when cancer is present. Besides fatigue, blood loss can be caused too.

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