15 Cancer Warning Signs People Assume Aren’t Dangerous Until It’s Too Late

If you have a family history of cancer then you should be really careful and to notice every single symptom or signs that are strange for your body. You should be all the time in contact with a doctor and to track your health.

There are many types of cancer but the cancer industry ‘’promotes’’ only awareness for only a couple of them which is making hard for those other types of cancer to be noticed in early stages and with that to increase the chance of treating it. Many people are ignoring signs that can actually indicate cancer and with that you might save your life.

As we said there are many types of cancer and each of it has its own symptoms but there are also some signs that come along with every cancer type and they are ignored most of the time. They are:

1. Fatigue – Natural response of the immune system and when cancer occurs in the body the immune system responds and that is why fatigue can be indicator for cancer. Also there are cases that cancer causes blood loss leading to fatigue. If you are feeling fatigued all the time you should immediately visit a doctor.

2. Unusual lymph nodes – Any tender, swollen and uncomfortable lymph node should not be ignored.

3. Coughing – If you do not stop coughing for a longer period of time or you have a scratchy throat then you should immediately visit a doctor.

4. Weight loss – Unexplained weight loss can be an indicator for cancer. By unexplained we mean without changes in your lifestyle or diet but you still lost at least 10 pounds for a month.

5. Fever – It can be indicator for many types of cancers.

6. Pain – If your pain does not go away for a longer period of time then you should visit a doctor. For example you have headaches or back pain for a longer period of time.

7. Skin changes – You should remember that skin changes are not only linked with skin cancer! If you notice reddened, yellowed or darkened skin, consult with a doctor.

8. Unusual hair growth – You should remember the same for this warning sign just as the previous – that it does not only indicating skin cancer but many other types of cancer.

9. Changes in freckle or mole – If you notice any kind of change in the color, shape or size of the freckle or mole you should immediately visit a doctor.

10. Indigestion –Very common problem and that is what makes this symptom easily ignored by people. It can be indicator for cancers of the upper digestive tract. Indigestion, having difficulties with swallowing or persistent stomach should never be ignored.

11. Lumps or thickening – If you notice a new lump or change in size of an old one, immediately visit a doctor.

12. Bleeding – If you notice blood in your stool or urine, or you have bloody discharge or you are coughing up blood, visit a doctor immediately.

13. Sores – Indicator for oral cancer, skin cancer and cancer affecting the genitals. Never ignore it! Visit a doctor immediately after noticing!

14. Change in bowel habits – What can be indicator for color cancer is constipation, diarrhea or change in the size of the stool.

15. Changes in bladder function – If you feel pain during urinating then maybe your body is trying to warn you that something is wrong in it and it can be indicator for bladder or prostate cancer.

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