Here’s how far your car can actually go when the needle’s on empty

While most of us totally freak out behind the wheel when that warning light comes on indicating we are on “empty”, it turns out all that sudden worry is for nothing.

Many people don’t know that they still have many, many more miles to go before their tank is totally empty. When the light comes on, we tend to believe we are likely a mile or two away from totally running out of gas. Not the case! In some cars, you still have over 50 miles you can travel before running out!

Check out this incredibly informative guide which shows how many more miles you really have once your empty light goes on. The chart profiles the top 50 best selling automobiles sold in the United States in 2015, but many other autos are the same way. So don’t flip out the next time you think you are on empty or that you need to gas up. You likely still have many more miles left before you need to worry about giving your vehicle a drink.

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You’ll Never Buy Donuts Again After You See How Easy It Is To Make Them. No Fryer Needed.

Donuts are everyone’s favorite go to treat.

Image result for You’ll Never Buy Donuts Again After You See How Easy It Is To Make Them. No Fryer Needed.

They are part cake and part sugary sweet! But some of the best donuts include fruit in them to make them even tastier. This recipe shows you how to make some of the most delicious blueberry donuts ever, and you can do it all in minutes, using your oven! Baking donuts is actually an excellent alternative to frying. Remember all that guilt you feel eating donuts? That now disappears since you are baking, which cuts down tremendously on the fat and oil factor, thus making these actually fairly healthy!

Now don’t get me wrong, you could easily still gain a few pounds from these since they are so delicious and you no doubt will want to eat donut after baked donut! Enjoy this creative recipe, and enjoy these absolutely delicious baked blueberry donuts!

The doctor told her that she should keep the pregnancy a secret because her baby could die. What happens next? Wow!

After raising two children, Kate Lucas and her husband discovered that Kate was pregnant once more. At one of their initial visits to their OB-GYN, the specialist kidded, “We should have a listen to the pulse and check whether it’s only one!” And then amid the ultrasound, she grinned and stuck up two fingers. Kate was confused and asked her what the “peace sign” was for. “There’s two!” shouted the specialist. In any case, that was by all account not the only news that Kate got.


The embryos had only first separated 8 – 13 days after insemination, which implied that there was no protective membrane between the two kids. Only a day or two later and the children would most likely have been conjoined twins. There are serious risks involved in this so-called monochorionic twin pregnancy: the umbilical chords can become life threatening dangers, increasing the chance for entanglement, strangulation or blockage. These greatly uncommon twins just have around a half risk of survival.


Astoundingly, Kate’s doctor advised the distressed soon-to-be mom to keep her pregnancy a secret and to let nature take its course! Kate changed doctors immediately. After the 28th week of pregnancy, Kate spent five weeks in hospital, fighting daily for her twins’ survival. The doctors delivered the babies by Cesarean section. When they saw the umbilical chord, a deadly silence came over the delivery room.


The two umbilical chords, the two babies’ lifeline, were completely interlocked, just like a single hair braid! It beggars belief that no blockage had occurred and that the two girls survived! But that’s not all.


The twins were indeed small and underweight since they were born early. But they were completely healthy! The birth had been induced just at the right moment. If the doctors had waited longer, the entanglement of the umbilical chords would have cut the babies off from the lifeline to their mother.


Surprisingly, the two preterm girls didn’t need a ventilator or an incubator, although they remained under special care. Eventually, the twins were allowed to go home. One 1% of twin pregnancies are monochorionic and as a result, the condition has not been extensively researched.


Harper and Cleo, now eight, are the best of friends, despite their completely different personalities. Fortunately, not only did they survive what with the benefit of hindsight was an extremely risky entrance into the world, but they did so with very few complications. A rare case indeed!


These two girls and their survival are an unexpected wonder in many senses. Perhaps Kate’s unshakeable positivity played a role? It surely didn’t hurt!

She Had A Fight With Her Boyfriend Just Before Prom Night… What It Did To Her Face Is Unbelievable!

A girl is always sensitive towards her special days. All the girls always dream of their special day that how it will be, but if your dreams break then how will you feel? You will feel very sad and defeated.

Here is a tragic story of a 17-year-old girl Skylar Davis with whom a disaster occurred due to crying after getting a spray tan. She got herself spray tan for her prom night. She was very excited about the prom night but just a few minutes after that she got into a fight with her boyfriend. She was a sensitive girl and thus she started crying. Her tan spray got completely ruined, and so did her face.

Let’s see what followed next. And, we also hope that no one suffers from such a horrible fate.

Skylar Davis is a 17-year-old high school girl from Ohio. She suffered from a disaster that occurred because she cried after getting spray tan.

Skylar Davis is a 17-year-old high school girl from Ohio. She suffered from a disaster that occurred because she cried after getting spray tan.


She was going to attend the prom night in her school and she felt that she is too pale for this big night.

She was going to attend the prom night in her school and she felt that she is too pale for this big night.


She decided to get herself a spray tan so that she can enhance her looks even more.

She decided to get herself a spray tan so that she can enhance her looks even more.


Just a few hours before the prom, she got into a fight with her boyfriend.

Just a few hours before the prom, she got into a fight with her boyfriend.


After she started crying, her spray tan got completely ruined and then she looked like this.

After she started crying, her spray tan got completely ruined and then she looked like this.


But soon, she got this spray tan disaster fixed by taking a quick shower.

But soon, she got this spray tan disaster fixed by taking a quick shower.

This tragic story of Skylar teaches us that we should never cry after having a spray tan. She got it fixed, but it’s not necessary that everyone is that lucky.

Astonishing Moment A Husband Beats Up His Wife And Throttles Her During Live Broadcast Of Reality TV Show In Serbia!

24 years Zorica Dukic was beaten by 31 years old husband Nenad Marinkovic-Gastoz on a reality TV show. The 31-year-old man drags his wife Zorica Dukic to the bathroom in a headlock, the scene was dangerous but other constants were enjoying.

#1 Live Abuse

24-year-old Zorica Dukic was abused on live television by her husband Nenad Marinkovic-Gastoz…and all of Serbia witnessed it.

#2 Headlock

On the reality show, Zorica was put into a headlock and escorted away from the other contestants by her pissed off man…

#3 Stop Talking!

He was apparently upset with how talkative she was, screaming ‘I will talk for you! Shut up!’

#4 Ouch!

He grabs her throat and mouth, unaware that there are cameras even in the bathroom!

#5 Awkward

As the rest of the contestants sit and watch…

#6 Just Another Day

No one could take their eyes off the screen, but sadly this seemed normal to them all.

#7 All An Act?

The couple is rumored to have done it all for show, but others believe it was real. It’s sad to see what people will do for fifteen minutes of fame!

#8 Video Of The Assault

Be warned, this is hard to watch and could trigger victims of abuse.


Mom Leaves Newborn On Couch And Turns Away, Then Hears A Scream And Blood Everywhere

Susie’s mother, 33, thought the dogs were chained up outside safely when she opened the door to “to let some cool air come in the house,” Fresno Police Department’s Sgt. Daniel Macias said.

#1 Pitbull

Pitbulls aren’t like the rest of the dogs. They can be very loving, but they can be murderers to. There’s even a National Pit Bull Victim Awareness Organization, so that gives us an idea. We’re not dealing with an ordinary dog. And in the case we are mentioning here, the most horrible thing happened.

#2 Let Cool Air In

3-day-old Susie Kirby was killed. Her uncle’s two dogs attacked her at her home, in Fresno, California.
The baby’s mother opened the door “to let some cool air come in the house”, left the baby on the couch and went to the restroom. She thought the dogs were chained up outside, said Fresno Police Department’s Sgt. Daniel Macias.” Then she heard the baby screaming. It turned out that “the dogs were loose and one of them was able to get inside and ended up biting the infant,” Macias said. The other person in the house was the uncle’s baby, who called the paramedics, but it was too late.

#3 Sharpull Terrier

The dog that attacked the infant is believed to be a sharpull terrier, a mix between a shar pei and a pit bull, like the one on the picture.
The dogs were given over to the Central California Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to be euthanized.

She Noticed Something In Her Belly Button..She Was Shocked When She Pulled It!

It’s a daily affair, coming across weird things in our life. If you think you are the only one who might be unlucky enough to come across creepy things, then you might be highly mistaken. This girl here, found something terrible in her belly button and you will be shocked to see what it is?

#1 I feel something weird in my belly button.

#2 Something shiny.

#3 Finally it’s out of my belly button.

#4 Watch

Pro-Lifers Declare “Ejaculation Is Murder: Every Sperm Cell Is A Life”


The pro-life movement in the United States has long advocated their stance that human life begins at conception and that the human fetus is a person and therefore has a right to live. However, a new argument has taken flight over the last month that is taking the abortion debate to the next level. The variety in opinion on the issue of abortion is reflected in the diverse views of religious groups, but now pro-lifers are declaring “ejaculation is murder” and they want strict laws against the practice.


“Life begins BEFORE conception. This is why the Catholics do not believe in birth control,” said Rachel Stratt, pro-life activist. “God made men’s semen for a purpose, and you can just “waste” that purpose by gratifying yourself whenever you want to. Every time you do, you are literally killing thousands of babies! Ejaculation is murder and every sperm cell is a life!”


Stratt and her group of protesters are calling for a law that will make ejaculating for self gratification illegal in every state across the country. “Millions upon millions of innocent lives are wasted every day while men have lustful thoughts or watch those sick p*rnos on P*rnHub. We have got to put a stop to this as a human race. Save the sperm, save the children!” A petition on to stop the ‘needless wasting of sperm through self gratification’ has already received 85,000 signatures in less than three weeks. The petition needs 100,000 signatures before it is reviewed and responded by the White House. This week, 38 White House conservatives say they would pass the bill if given the opportunity to do so – all 38 of them are women.


Of course this isn’t true but if it got you going don’t feel bad. Share it with your friends.

This Shoe Store Has Been Closed For 40 Years. When They Opened The Boxes, This Is What They Found

There’s nothing more satisfying to stumble upon than untouched history. Nowadays, we seem to be so set on demolishing old buildings and throwing things out than actually preserving anything. So when redditor oktober75 and his family ventured into an old shoe store owned by his great-grandparents, they weren’t quite expecting to find this. It was like venturing back in time to the 1960s.

Take a look through this vintage shoe store:

This Shoe Store Has Been Closed For 40 Years. When They Opened The Boxes, This Is What They Found

#1 The store was known as the First Class Shoe Store

#2 The store was kept hidden from the street between a security gate and the sun’s glare

#3 The family was actually surprised to learn of its existence, and was certainly not expecting to see this

#4 Rows upon rows of shoes stashed away neatly in their boxes

#5 The store was run by his great-grandmother and closed when she fell ill over 40 years ago

#6 His grandparents were hoarders and left the store untouched

#7 A wooden stove to help keep customers warm during the cold winter months in upstate New York

#8 They decided to see just what was in the boxes

#9 Opening up the first pair..

#10 And trying it on!

#11 The styles are almost like what we wear today

#12 Onto the next box…

New Amazing Benefits of Okra to Your Health

Okra is an old vegetable which firstly appeared 3, 500 years ago. It is also known as lady’s finger and is rich in numerous nutrients which can improve your overall health.  This vegetable was one of the Cleopatra’s favorite foods. People used okra seeds instead of coffee beans during the World War II.

New Amazing Benefits of Okra to Your Health

How Nutritious are Okras?

Okras contain minerals like iron and calcium and vitamins A and C. This vegetable also contains thiamine, riboflavin, fat and starch. It can be consumed raw or cooked. One cup of raw okra contains 33 grams of calories while cooked okra has 25 grams. Raw okra contains more fiber (3.2 grams) than cooked okra (2 grams). Raw okra has 660 IU vitamin A and in cooked okra there is 460 IU. There are 21 milligrams of vitamin C in raw okra and 13.04 milligrams of vitamin C in half a cup of sliced okra.

Health Benefits

There are numerous scientific proofs about the beneficial properties of okra and some of them are:

  1. Okra contains a great amount of fiber which is very important for maintaining proper sugar level in the blood. This is because it can curb the rate of sugar absorption when it goes to the intestinal tract.
  2. The vegetable’s mucilage helps in binding the cholesterol and the bile acid that carries toxins. That is why okra helps in liver detox.
  3. You can defeat constipation with the help of this vegetable. This is because it lubricates the large intestine as it has laxative properties. Firstly, it is rich in fiber which improves the water absorption and bowel movements. Second the mucilage of the vegetable is able to soothe the intestinal tract thus making it easier for the intestine to get rid of the waste.
  4. The intestinal tract contains good and bad bacteria and okra accelerates the good bacteria growth thus maintaining the GI tract healthy.

Because of its numerous health benefits, okra is used by many people for preparing natural remedies against certain medical conditions.